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VERONICA Dec 08, 2022 460 views

How do I secure great career opportunities overseas once I graduate #EOY22?

How do I secure great career opportunities overseas once I graduate? #EOY22

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Akampreet Oct 12, 2016 1388 views

How to be confident while answering, "What are you strengths and weakness?" (in an interview)

I always end stuck on this question while in a interview and end up doing bad throughout the whole thing. How do I find out my strengths and weakness, should I try to make a list? #jobs #job #job-coaching #job-application #personal-development

Thaddeus’s Avatar
Thaddeus Nov 28, 2022 611 views

In a application for a computer-science related position which area of my resume should be the strongest?

I am applying for a computer-science position and wanted to know if I could improve my resume for certain positions.

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Edina Dec 09, 2022 626 views

Giveaway Question

What process is the best to ensure I find the right college that has a good reputation and good education and will ensure I will exceed and land a successful career?

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Daniela Oct 07, 2022 676 views

How can I find a career ?

How can I find my career? I had no idea what am I going to focus after I graduate.