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Rock Hill, South Carolina
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I just want to be able to survive in this world that demands I talk to people. I also want to be a tailor or some other similar profession.



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Madison Nov 04, 2022 897 views

How do you go about finding an internship?

I have decently bad social anxiety, but I need and want different internships so I can figure out what I want to spend my life doing. I was wondering, and hoping, if there were any online resources to use to find businesses and people open to taking me in. I would simply perish if the only way...

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Madison Oct 26, 2022 657 views

How can I gain experience for a tailoring job?

I want to go into tailoring: fixing clothes, altering them, and making entirely new clothes. I'm not sure how to get experience with these things or if a job would train you if you can get one. My question here really is, are there any classes I can take outside of highschool that would give me...