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Hansi Gandhi

Product Development
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Atlanta, Georgia
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marwan Dec 05, 2022 716 views

should i get 1 or 2 minors or none as a supply chain major?

Should I get a minor in either data analysis or btm (business technology management) as a supply chain major or is it better to get a minor in both? or is no minor okay as well

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Stephanie Dec 05, 2022 380 views

I'm not 100% sure about what I want to pursue yet but I've taken an interest in pediatrics. Do any pediatricians have advice for sophomores in high school?

I'm 15, taking no APs but I plan to next year, my education means so much to me, almost as much as my performance. I'm also a varsity athlete for swimming!

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Paul Nov 30, 2022 690 views

What is career ?

Career goals

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Demorius Nov 30, 2022 343 views

How to become an actor ?

I want to an actor
That is that lifestyle I was
Under a the spot light
On camera. Actor actor actors actor acting