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Tejasvi Jan 09, 2023 842 views

What are good colleges for Actuarial Science that are not too competitive?

I'm planning on majoring in actuarial science and I was wondering if there are any colleges that are not too competitive. I've looked into Texas A&M and I was wondering if anyone has any insight on taking actuarial science there?


Khalya’s Avatar
Khalya Jan 09, 2023 552 views

I want a Job, but not sure where to go when I've been everywhere?

Why don't business give high school graduates that have had some work experience a chance to prove their work ethics? I'm an honor graduate, I play the saxophone and it's been a lot now since I've been laid off from my job and it's driving my mom nuts! My previous job I truly enjoyed as a...

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jan 09, 2023 825 views

How many years of school do you need to get a degree in cosmetology?

im interested in cosemetology