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RomaineA_af13 . Mar 27, 2013 1091 views

What kind of opportunities will open when and if I receive my degree in sports management?

I am a senior in high school that wants to seek a career in the field of sports. I love sports and my life revolves around it and I would love nothing more to pursue a career in it...


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Clareta B. Feb 11, 2014 2391 views

What is "Business Development"?

Hi, I'm in high school and I think I'm going to work in advertising, but I am still learning about other options. Someone came to speak at our school and said that she worked "in business development". I couldn't figure out what she really does. What does business development really mean, and...

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Deshawn L. Oct 21, 2014 2351 views

What would be a good technical degree to combine with an MBA that would allow me to be an executive of a technical/scientific company.

I am a senior and thinking of going into Biomedical engineering and then later going on to become a business executive. I don't really think that I am going to become a practicing engineer (but you never know). I began questioning whether I wanted to do all the work for a engineering major if I...

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