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Joshua Jan 24, 2023 1065 views

what education do i need to become a hearing aid specialist ?

I've had hearing aids of my own but after a while, they start to hurt our ears and would like to create a hearing aid that's custom for every different person for an affordable price that doesn't break the bank. I understand ur ears are very important in life and hearing is one of the most...

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Joshua Jan 24, 2023 383 views

what type of tools and education should I learn to do the job?

I'm 18 years of age and I have really been interested in pipe welding cause u can travel. I've mig weld before but that's about the only experience I have with welding I enjoy it and prefer to work with metal than concrete and wood.

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Joshua Jan 24, 2023 374 views

different type of welding jobs in the state of oregon?

I really enjoy welding cause u can make a lot of cool things with that experience and the job will always be in demand. what type of tools and equipment should I get or use for welding jobs like pipe welding for example