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Rydell’s Avatar
Rydell May 16 106 views

What could be some little steps for starting your culinary career?

At the moment, culinary is my best shot at taking steps toward a long-term career. I have somewhat food work experience and E-food handlers certification, currently Job Corps is going to help me get what I need to continue the progress. The thing I'm worried about is what can I do after the...

Bella’s Avatar
Bella May 30 247 views

How do you turn an in home bakery into a real bakery?

I am in 8th grade. I have recently started a cookie cake business, Bella's Custom Cookie Cakes. I am currently baking cakes in my house. In the future, I would like to have a bakery. What steps should I take to grow my business?

Szarelle’s Avatar
Szarelle May 30 142 views

Head chefs, What are the hardest challenges you go through while being head of your respected restaurants?

Chili Cheese Dog with Sour Cream and Extra cheese with ranch seasoning and guacamole.