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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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san’s Avatar
san Jul 02, 2016 544 views

i am interested in government research officer?which subject i want to take? please guide my career?

about my career is government research officer #any #professional

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 12, 2016 8306 views

Is optometry school less selective and rigorous as medical school?

I don't know much about optometry school. #medicine #graduate-school #optometry

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 11, 2016 712 views

What kind of career can you get with a Digital Media Associate Degree, or a Certificate?

I am studying digital multimedia at my college. #multimedia

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri May 02, 2016 1073 views

how to choose a career ?

What will be correct , which way shall i choose. which is now mostly moving courses in colleges ? Kindly help me #computer #3d-modeling #mac

Ligaya’s Avatar
Ligaya Jul 14, 2016 1596 views

How often should one update his/her resume

It would be interesting to know how long (or soon) one should update their resume. #career #resume #cv #job-application