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Julianne J Peters, NCIDQ IIDA

Interior Designer
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Aug 11, 2023 242 views

How do I strengthen my college application as someone who wants to major in architecture?

As someone who wants to apply to schools with competitive architecture programs, how do I prove to admission officers that I’m qualified? Are there extracurriculars or courses that will strengthen my application?

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jul 23, 2023 288 views

How do I get clients as an interior design consultant?

I am interested in getting into interior design. I have one project I can advertise, but outside of friends and family, I’m not sure where or how to advertise and get clients.

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Aug 07, 2023 587 views

How can I get into interior design

How can I get into interior design