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Bill Valles

Technical Solutions Architect
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Zinic’s Avatar
Zinic Sep 21, 2023 271 views

What skills should you consider when choosing a field?

I'm interested in computer engineering. I'm wondering about other helpful skills to have like communication, problem-solving, etc.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Oct 03, 2023 339 views

What is the technological field like?

I’m a middle school student who has been considering taking a career in the technological field, if there is anyone who works in those fields, what is the field like and what is the average salary?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 03, 2023 474 views

How do I become an Information Technology professional?

I graduated college on May 19, 2023, and I am searching for a job to acquire more experience. I desire a job that not only pays well enough but allows me to expand my expertise and build the working experience that I need. Are there any opportunities for me out there?

Nomi’s Avatar
Nomi Oct 07, 2023 1010 views

What do you do in your major, what is the advantages or disadvantages of your career, and lastly, have you ever regretted your decision of your career and why,... etc.

I'm struggling with choosing my career recently (as a 11th grade student). I have interests in physics, math kind of science. Few considerations are mechanical engineering jobs, architecture, IT/computer science, ...etc. I hope I'll get a respond from those professionals.