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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Nomi Oct 07, 2023 465 views

How to get into Tsinghua university as an international student?

I'm 11th grade student in Mongolia, and I hope to get into Tsinghua as an international student. I have HSK4 score and planning on getting HSK5 score before graduating. And my English is quite not bad and hoping to get IELTS score as soon as possible. I have interest in physic and math and have...

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Nomi Oct 07, 2023 1095 views

What do you do in your major, what is the advantages or disadvantages of your career, and lastly, have you ever regretted your decision of your career and why,... etc.

I'm struggling with choosing my career recently (as a 11th grade student). I have interests in physics, math kind of science. Few considerations are mechanical engineering jobs, architecture, IT/computer science, ...etc. I hope I'll get a respond from those professionals.