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Elk River, Minnesota
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After finishing my education I plan to use my Degrees to practice medicine in the Dermatological field mainly focusing on a private practice setting.



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Addy Feb 08 919 views

Am I going to be required to publish research papers in Medical School?

I enjoy the aspect of teaching, but I don't care to do research and or publish papers. Are there opportunities to be a part of a Medical school Program without being a Faculty member required to publish research papers?

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Addy Feb 08 397 views

Focusing on the cost of college and medical school, would I have any opportunity to join the military as an officer to help pay for my schooling ?

Are Dermatologists used widely in this setting?

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Addy Feb 07 837 views

What is daily life like for most Dermatologists in general?

On average, how many patients do you see everyday and how many hours do you work every week? Do you have more of a flexible schedule or not?

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Addy Feb 07 677 views

What are some good colleges that can help me become a Dermatologist ?

I know I will need to go to college to pursue this career. I was wondering if there were any colleges in particular that I should look at?

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Addy Feb 07 828 views

What are some good high school courses that I can take in order to help me become a Dermatologist?

I am interested in becoming a Dermatologist in the future. I am wondering if there are any specific classes that I can take in high school to help prepare myself for my future?