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São Paulo, Brazil
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Gabriela Feb 09 744 views

Research mentor outside of high school ?

Is there a website or any way I can find a mentor for an independent research? My high school is not an option anymore since I am already a graduate, and I also don’t have enough resources and not even a budget to be spending on this.

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Gabriela Feb 09 751 views

Can I work on independent research while not being a high school student?

My country’s academic system is different than the US. So, I have already graduated and I’m 18 still not in university, but I really want to do an independent research project and try to get it published somewhere. Is it possible or legitimate for me to do it on my own without teachers or help...

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Gabriela Feb 07 536 views

Applying multiple times for a same university is ok?

I am unsure on whether I will be starting on spring or fall term, I want to know if that is okay or even possible.