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Ray Marsal

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Dallas, Texas
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Samuel Apr 29 511 views

what is the best way to gain enough knowledge?

I'm in my 7th grade

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Raymond May 13 599 views

How do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

I'm a 14 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning how to code in my free time for the
past year or so. I've decided that I want to study computer science in college, but I'm still not entirely
sure about my decision.

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Josue May 15 779 views

What advice do you have for students who are passionate about software development but may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and technologies to learn?

Some people might suggest staying focused or trying to divide your workload, but many individuals in the field still struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed by the ever-evolving nature of technology and the multitude of options available for specialization. Could you share any personal...

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Mary May 15 661 views

Will artificial intelligence ever take over the world ?

Is there a likelihood of this ever happening

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Rodgers May 29 1324 views

What is the best degree in the world?

What is the best degree in the world?