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Kim D. Mar 07, 2017 1014 views

When you're fresh out of college is it best to work for a while, travel, or go straight to Grad school?

I'm curious about the current state of the job market as it pertains to the hiring rate of students fresh out of college with their first Bachelor's degree. Do most employers favor new grads who've worked while in school? If so, how do students who have little work experience due to being...

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Kim D. Mar 07, 2017 703 views

What's the best and most cost efficient option of Grad school for film / screenwriting students?

I'm months away from graduating with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Film & Video Production. My career goal is to become a fiction author and Screenwriter. I'm currently considering several universities to get my Master's in Screenwriting including, Boston University, Loyola...

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