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Joaquin ’s Avatar
Joaquin May 18, 2016 1275 views

What are some of the possible ways to gain experience to be an attorney?

I am on the road to being an attorney and want to know what is some way I can gain a competitive edge on other law students. #law #experience #attorney #knowledge #pre-law #courtrooms

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 10, 2017 1841 views

How can I get na internship at Google, Apple, or Amazon?

I am interested in learning languages and could take a coding class if necessary. I want to know if the above companies can use someone who is interested in languages and if they have internship opportunities. I can speak Turkish and am working on learning sign language. #computer-science...

Moe’s Avatar
Moe Apr 04, 2017 1596 views

I do not know what majors to do in college and I would love to know some tips in becoming a nonprofit lawyer.

I want to become a nonprofit lawyer, (a lawyer who helps with advocacy, public defense, legal services, etc.) #college #lawyer #majors #and #nonprofit

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 09, 2017 1502 views

What languages should I learn next?

I'm aware that knowing more than one language can get you unique opportunities, my mother language is Portuguese and I also speak English. I was wondering what language should I learn now. I thought about French since I'm living in Canada, but German is another language that people say it's...

W. C.’s Avatar
W. C. Apr 02, 2017 1299 views

What is the toughest part in changing a job?

hi! I want to know about what hinder you in changing your profession into a new one? Do you change your job just because of your own preference or high salary? What is the greatest challenge when changing a new job/new profession? #job #financial-planning