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Alec J. May 25, 2016 488 views

When applying to college what should I look for to decide which is best?

I am looking into several universities and I wanted to know which details I should look at to make sure I am getting the best education I can. #college #graduate...


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Devetra C. May 04, 2017 1122 views
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billy P. May 05, 2017 525 views

what do video designers look for in hiring

i want to know if i have what it takes...


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dakota G. May 11, 2020 306 views

How do I start my college search as a junior?

I am a junior in high school and trying to find out colleges/universities that I am interested but do not know how to start looking. Do you have any suggestions? I know I do not like universities/colleges that feel like a city themselves. #university #college-advice #college-advice...

#collegesearch #college-admissions

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Kalyani C. Apr 14 60 views

How do I prepare a portfolio for applying in Master of Design?

Hello! I am a Bachelor of Technology student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. After completing almost 3 years, I wish to pursue a less technical field of Automotive Designing and I am planning on doing Masters in Design. The problem is, all these years I didn't do any projects and I don't...

#design #automotive-design #engineering #mechanical-engineering