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Destiny ’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 09, 2017 650 views

What was your first assignment on the job?

I want to be a lawyer #lawyer

Kris’s Avatar
Kris Feb 08, 2017 672 views

What do you love about being a lawyer?

Do you have anything that's makes you want to be there all the time #business-lawyer

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 16, 2018 627 views

Once I finish college, how can i get the experience I need for a certain job?

I am currently working toward my criminal Justice degree and have little experience in the field of law enforcement. I want to know where I should start in order to slowly get some experience so I can eventually be able to become a cop? I know I have to workout and while I am working toward my...

Lilli’s Avatar
Lilli Apr 06, 2018 587 views

What is the average yearly salary for a district attorney/lawyer?

I have been considering going into the law field for quiet some time now, I was curious how much some makes. Is it enough to financially support a family and also have enough for bills? #law-practice

Carissa’s Avatar
Carissa Apr 17, 2018 974 views

How should I be preparing for the LSAT?

I want to be as prepared as possible when I take the LSAT to get into law school. What courses should I be taking and what books/resources should I be using independently? #law #law-school #legal-profession #legal-studies #lsat

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Jan 16, 2018 595 views

How does one become an likable attorney?

I am currently doing mock trial at my college and plan to go to law school after I finish (if I can afford it at that point.) I feel that an attorney has to be likable in the minds of the jurors to help his/her side win a case. How would I achieve that vote? #law-practice

caitlyn’s Avatar
caitlyn May 27, 2016 1214 views

When you want to become a district attorney will you have to travel? are your living locations limited? How many hours do you work? are you able to work from home?

I am asking these questions because I am doing a choosing a career project and have some questions #lawyer #district-attorney #district #law #law-practice

Kassidy’s Avatar
Kassidy May 22, 2016 3788 views

I want to become an actress but i also want to be a criminal justice lawyer- how do i pick?

I'm asking because I have always wanted to be an actress since I was four (I'm 19 now) and I also want to become a lawyer in criminal justice because I have seen a lot of bad people get away with a lot of things only because of their reputation status. #law #lawyer #acting #law-practice