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Lily May 18, 2016 986 views

How do I go about finding internships in my college years pertaining to psychology?

I am very interested in psychology and the human brain and how we act and behave. I would like to start working with psychologists during my college years to get a feel of what it will be like for me. #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychologist

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie May 16, 2016 572 views

What should i look for in a college

I don't yet know what I want in a college. I do not that I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia May 13, 2016 1318 views

Are minors important to employers?

Due to the strict program I will be enrolling in during college, it will be difficult for me to fit in a minor. Is getting one worth it? #employer

MeMe’s Avatar
MeMe May 15, 2016 1032 views

Do you really change your mind a lot on your major?

i hear that a lot of people who are going to medical school change what the want to do a lot or they find something else is that true? #medicine

harish’s Avatar
harish May 07, 2016 787 views

How to spend a time with reading text book?

Because we need enough time to read a hole text book for examination so what can be did to read a text book with small duration

Ly’s Avatar
Ly Sep 01, 2017 1009 views

How long should it take to get a reply from colleges?

Generally speaking, how long does is take for a college to tell you if you're accepted or rejected? #college-admissions #heck

Liberty’s Avatar
Liberty Sep 01, 2017 829 views

Whens the best time to start applying to colleges?

I am not sure when I should start applying. #senior #college