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Ryan L. May 03, 2016 503 views

What is a hard problem you kept having as an engineer?

I'm asking this because I wanna know some problems so I can be prepared for the problem. I want to know at least 1 problem you had....


Conor D.’s Avatar
Conor D. May 20, 2016 618 views

Is it too late to find a summer internship?

I'm still trying to find an internship in data analytics and computer science and haven't had much luck. science computer internships application...


hadi G.’s Avatar
hadi G. Oct 10, 2017 776 views

What are some software engineers' work stories?

So I could see if i would like to keep going with my future work.. technology computer-software software...


RAVI M.’s Avatar
RAVI M. Oct 30, 2017 650 views

Career after B.Sc. Mathematics?

What are the career opportunities after completion of #B.Sc. in Mathematics...