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Vladimir Loscutoff

Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Warrington, England, United Kingdom
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Daria’s Avatar
Daria Sep 26, 2014 2187 views

What software do you need to create a game?

For my blog and personal reference #gaming #video-game-design #game-design

Walner’s Avatar
Walner Apr 08, 2014 1890 views

How would you determine if you are interested in the game design industry?

As a high school student, I don't have many, if any, opportunities to take a summer program/internship that is directly related to video games. What character traits are essential as a game designer? Is game design comparable to any other profession? #video-games

Shaun’s Avatar
Shaun Apr 09, 2015 1864 views

I want to go in to the field of game development and programming?

I am interested in programming and already do practice it. I am on school's robotics team and use a programming called robot c which is based on C programming. what steps do i need to take to do go in this field. #computer #programming