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Kelly Michelle Ritchie

Merchandising and Design graduate
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Dallas, Texas
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simona’s Avatar
simona Oct 20, 2019 1345 views

Dentistry and passion for fashion,how could it get together?:(

Im a general dentist,wich didn’t practiced for about 5y and i love fashion,styling,communication,people and making things trying to find myself again in the profession that ive got,but i don’t know what is the right way... #fashion #fashiondesign #dentist

bianca’s Avatar
bianca Apr 12, 2019 577 views

What jobs can I get with a fashion merchandising degree?

#fashionmerchandising #fashion #public relations #fashion-design

Jena’s Avatar
Jena Apr 08, 2019 2056 views

I want to major in business mangement and minor in either interior design or fashion design can I do that?

#fashion #business #interior-design

Eimee’s Avatar
Eimee Sep 28, 2018 961 views

I am planning on getting a Bachelors in Fashion Design, but was wondering if I could get apportunities at other various jobs with that?

For example if I were to have my bachelors in fashion would that only entitled me to jobs at farshion/garment making or could I have more options/choices on what I would like to based my work and skills at? #fashion #fashion-design #career

Helena’s Avatar
Helena Jan 07, 2019 698 views

How will being a self-motivated learner help me? Fashion Designer


Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina May 27, 2018 1008 views

How hard is it to have two majors or multiple minors?

I'm someone with vast interests from acting to journalism to government to human rights, but wants to major in marketing.
#psychology #theater #marketing #majors #minors #business #government