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Trinity G. Mar 05, 2019 272 views

What is YA?

I am a teenager who enjoys writing, but I often find myself frustrated by the books on the YA shelf as the majority of them seem to be only romance or a romance with thinly veiled fantasy/dystopian elements thrown on top of it. I enjoy writing whatever I want, but I'm wondering if my historical...

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Trinity G.’s Avatar
Trinity G. Mar 05, 2019 315 views

Self Publish or Pitch?

I've heard it both ways: pitch your book. Self-publish. Which is better to do first? Publishers have declared they like unknowns, while others want authors with a following already? Which path is more lucrative and advisable for a young author just starting out? write writer youngauthor...

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DION S. Mar 08, 2019 215 views

Is the technological singularity hypothesis, more likely to become a reality, since tech and A.I. systems have been rapidly developing over the years?

Over the years, technology has been growing rapidly to the point virtual reality and artificial intelligence has been developed. For instance, Google has created an A.I. to respond to texts, and hospitals are using A.I. systems for assistance, such as re-evaluating coma patients so that they...