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Jennifer L. Sep 18, 2019 133 views

What are current job prospects like ?

I`m interesting in HVAC, what will I need to know or learn about Air and Heating Conditioning....


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Esther J. Oct 08, 2019 197 views

What are the benefits of being a pharmacy tech ?

My name is Esther I'm 17 years old i'm attending Long Beach Job Corps Center I'm Interested in becoming a pharmacist i would like to know more about my trade and what are some things i need to know . #pharmacy #technology...


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Omar D. Nov 08, 2019 174 views
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Omar D. Nov 08, 2019 246 views
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Henry H. Nov 14, 2019 254 views

What Engineering career is in demand currently?

I am interested in Engineering, but I have not chosen the type I want to go in to. I need more information on which one I want to choose. #engineering # #engineer...