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Anshul Dhawan

Lead Product Manager - Machine Learning | Analytics At Zynga
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
California, California
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Eric Jan 24, 2017 1497 views

What are good ways for a recent graduate to make up for lack of experience when trying to get their first job in computer programming?

I will be graduating soon, and due to personal circumstances and the local economy, I've been unable to get an internship. I worry that this will prevent me from getting a good job when I graduate. How can I make up for this lack of experience on my resume? #computer-software #software...

Jonya’s Avatar
Jonya Jul 18, 2014 4040 views

How can I stand out for programming jobs straight from high school?

When I graduate high school I'm going to go to college but I also want to try to get some summer or after school jobs to help pay for school. What can I do to stand out for the competition? For example does it matter if I do a team sport or other things or are my grades and programming...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 19, 2016 1331 views

What are good websites to use to learn coding?

codeacademy? code . org? #science #computer #tech

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian May 19, 2016 1416 views

How To Be A Leader as A Programmer

As someone who is a natural born leader and likes to be in a position where I can mentor/lead I would like to have a leadership at in my future career. But I understands that right out of college I will be more of a worker than a leader to gain experience so that I can be a great leader in the...