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Engoron Sep 17, 2021 330 views

How difficult is it to jump into a career for CS regarding specific branches of it?

I'm a high school senior seeking to pursue a major in Computer Science in college/university because I'm passionate about a particular branch in CS, AI. As AIs are becoming more practical, intelligent, and utilized, I'm fascinated by all the capabilities that AI has across a spectrum of...

Hugo’s Avatar
Hugo Sep 15, 2021 353 views

What career is related to coding?

I like computer science because I've always wanted to know how to code websites etc. #coding

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Canming Sep 16, 2021 415 views

What does a computer software engineer do?

#software #computer #computer-software #software-engineering #technology

Taylor ’s Avatar
Taylor Oct 21, 2015 966 views

What majors are good for getting involved in the outdoors and getting others involved?

My favorite things to do are hunting and fishing, basically anything outdoors. i would like to have a job that gets me outdoors everyday, what would yall recommend? #biology #hunting #fishing #wildlife #outdoors

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Yves Oct 16, 2019 624 views

What are effective job-seeking strategies for positions in Software Development?

Job Corps- Informational Interview assignment
#software-development #computer-software