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John R. Dec 18, 2014 2460 views

Is it possible to get into graphic designing without a bachelors degree?

The site I was using claimed that you needed a bachelors degree, but I've heard of people going into graphic design with an associates degree. #graphic-design #web-design...


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Santiago Z. Oct 22, 2015 1191 views

What is the writing process for people who are actual authors?

Hello I am a 6th grader and I have always enjoyed writing and I am considering it for a career, but the thing that I always struggle with is making a rough draft or planning to the final copy. So I ask is the writing process the same in school or is it different when you actually write a book?...

#author #writing #process

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Alex A. Nov 06, 2015 658 views
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Christian T. Nov 18, 2015 694 views

if i were to start enigineering earliy what should i do

Im asking because I wont to know what I can do to start earliy #engineering...


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Taylor B. Nov 18, 2015 848 views
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Mason H. Nov 30, 2015 753 views

I would like to know how to manage my money to start off in life good?

Hi, I am a 6th grader and I want to now how to save my money or tactics you have used to get far in life please reply so I can use the...