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Haifa, Haifa District, Israel

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Sima’s Avatar
Sima Feb 22 931 views

Can I work in corporate as a psychology-neuroscience graduate?

What are the possibilities of working in a corporate job with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience (double-major)?
As far as i've seen, all of the job opportunities in this field take place in laboratories, research centers or educational institutions.

isabella’s Avatar
isabella Nov 16, 2016 998 views

is it necessary to study physics in high school to be paediatric oncologist?

I'm going to be paediatric oncologist so i'm studying chemistry in high school should i study physics? or i can study it in the university? #doctor #medicine #oncology #oncologist #pediatric-oncology

isabella’s Avatar
isabella Nov 15, 2016 1003 views

should i study physics in high school because i want to be paediatric oncologist?

i want to be paediatric oncologist in the future so i should study physics ? becouse im studying now chemistry. #medicine #pediatrics #oncology #pediatric-oncology

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 18, 2016 894 views

If hoping to get into medical school, what is the best path to take?

One of my friends keeps telling me it would be best to choose a major not many people choose so I am set apart; however, is it still a better idea to major in your science or something different? #doctor #medicine #surgery #neonatal #college #college-major #medical-school...

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 18, 2016 850 views

What residency would you start out with to become a neonatal surgeon?

I feel such passion for helping children and babies in need. There are many ways to be found on the internet about what path can be taken to get there; however, I would like a professional opinion on what the best route is? #pediatrics #surgery #neonatal #hospital-and-health-care #surgery

Krista’s Avatar
Krista May 17, 2016 928 views

What are some important things to remember trying to stay motivated through many years of schooling?

I am an undergraduate student hoping to attend optometry school after graduation. All together, I will be in school for 8 years. Sometimes I find it difficult to stay motivated, as I feel I still have so much more to go through before I finally reach my career path. #college #schools

Krista’s Avatar
Krista May 17, 2016 1063 views

What is some advice you have about starting a new business from scratch?

I am an aspiring optometrist, hoping to open my own practice one day. While most of my studies are focused on the sciences, I feel I am lacking in the business area. Advice about where to start or important steps along the way would be very helpful! #business #medicine #optometry

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