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Honea Path, South Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Carly’s Avatar
Carly May 23, 2016 5495 views

Being a psychology major, what are good volunteer opportunities I should join to build my resume for grad school?

It is hard to find internships for counseling and psychology, but my career adviser said that volunteer work is just as important. #psychology

Carly’s Avatar
Carly May 23, 2016 931 views

Is graduating one year early worth the extremely busy work load?

I am trying to graduate one year early in order to move and be able to attend grad school sooner. I am always taking a full load, all year long. I am often overwhelmed with my "to-do" list of how much work I have yet to finish and accomplish. #college #graduate-school #stress

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia May 18, 2016 1032 views

What type of volunteer work would best help when trying to become a neonatal nurse?

I want to do some volunteer work for the summer but I am unsure on where to look. #nurse #neonatal #nicu

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia May 18, 2016 881 views

How does neonatal nursing mentally effect you?

I know that when you are a neonatal nurse you are dealing with very fragile and sick newborns, a lot of times things don't go right, how does that effect a person long term? #neonatal #nicu

Alleson’s Avatar
Alleson May 17, 2016 1018 views

How can new tech ideas be integrated into the classroom?

I plan the teach mathematics and would love great tech ideas that would assist my students in learning this subject matter! #teacher #professor #tech

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 13, 2016 984 views

Regarding the future of Physician Assistants, do you believe they will be allowed to do more in their respective areas of work.

I am considering a career as a Physician Assistant and I have always heard that PAs are not allowed to do as much as the Physicians. I am curious about the job and how it will change in the future. #doctor #science #medicine #pre-med #physician #careers #hospitals #hospital...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 13, 2016 844 views

Being a current high school senior and going to college next year to study on a pre-medicine track, would you recommend majoring in a broad science such as Biology or Chemistry? How about a more specific major like Microbiology?

I am interested in working in the medical field. I don't have a set career in mind but I am looking at pursuing a career as a Physician or Physician Assistant. I am thinking about majoring in Biology but I was told by a friend of mine that it is better to major in a subject that is specific...

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