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TyanaCodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 2275 views

What is the difference between a certified nurse and nurse practioner ?

Im asking this question because iam interested in becoming a nurse and working with doctors and patents. #medicine #nurse #healthcare #nurse-practitioner...


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Faviola.morfin . Mar 01, 2013 1439 views

What education path to become a registered nurse is recommended the most? A bachelors or an associates degree?

I want to be a Nurse Practitioner and to my understanding I have to be licensed as an RN first and later move on to graduate school to get my title as a Nurse Practitioner. My question is if it is better to go to a four year university or community college to get my RN license. Will community...

#nurse #nurse-practitioner #career-paths

ShaniyaO_af13 .’s Avatar
ShaniyaO_af13 . Mar 27, 2013 1386 views

How do you deal with the emotional impact of working with sick patients?

I know working with sick patients can be very emotional, i'm afraid that I will let my emotions toward the patient effect my work life and the baggage I would carry from work to home....


LakeishaL_af13 .’s Avatar
LakeishaL_af13 . Mar 28, 2013 27408 views

What do nurses enjoy most about their job?

What do nurses enjoy most about their...

JnaiH_af13 .’s Avatar
JnaiH_af13 . Mar 29, 2013 1104 views

How useful are Physician Assistance?

I am a high school student, and I am passionate about becoming a PA. I just have some horrors that I will have this degree and not many hospitals will higher me because they are not looking for PA's....


Alexisntrevino .’s Avatar
Alexisntrevino . Apr 10, 2013 2444 views

What are steps to becoming a nurse practitioner?

I am very interested in health and science. I love working with other and being hands on. I'm interested in becoming a nurse and want to know more about the steps to becoming a nurse practitioner. #nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner...


Gilda B.’s Avatar
Gilda B. Apr 09, 2014 1367 views

How much time do you have to be with your family or live your life outside of the career? Since nursing is always on call

I've looked up a nursing practitioner and it says that there always on call and that means that anytime they can be called into work. #nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner...


Dyanna  M.’s Avatar
Dyanna M. Oct 21, 2014 1292 views

What are the benefits of being a nurse?

So I'm interested in this career but want to learn more about...


Melanie  H.’s Avatar
Melanie H. May 19, 2016 1485 views

Nurse Practitioner Clinical Sites

The nurse practitioner online program that I am enrolled in requires the student to find clinical sites and preceptors. Are there any suggestions or comments regarding finding clinical placement? Thanks!...


Chelsea F.’s Avatar
Chelsea F. May 24, 2016 687 views

How long into your first nursing job should you feel comfortable with making decisions?

Nursing school teaches us the information and how to apply it, but being outside the clinical setting and actually on your own working with all the responsibilities of the patients makes me nervous for my first job once I graduate. I am just wondering as to how long until you felt comfortable...

#nurse #nursing #healthcare #registered-nurses

Handan B.’s Avatar
Handan B. May 24, 2016 458 views

I am looking for help picking a speciality as a NP. What should I expect in a career in the Psych NP role?

As a acute care nurse, I work with thousands of patients a year. I float all over the hospital in my new role as a float nurse. I am currently pursuing my FNP degree and need some guidance about how to pick my area of interest. I originally wanted to purse psych but working with other...


Alex W.’s Avatar
Alex W. Oct 25, 2016 676 views

PA or Nurse Practitioner?

Of the two which one has a more appealing/promising career path in the next 10 years? #nurse-practitioner...


Kylee C.’s Avatar
Kylee C. Oct 26, 2016 413 views

Once in the Nursing field, does all the schooling pay off?

I am considering the Nursing field, but am nervous for all the schooling to come. #nursing #college-major #nurse #university...


Sheehan B.’s Avatar
Sheehan B. Nov 02, 2016 3372 views

Nursing as Pre-med?

Taking any course can be your "pre-med" as long as you complete the pre-requisites of the med school you want to go to BUT is nursing a good "pre-med" thinking that it will show you the "feels" of becoming a doctor? #doctor #medicine #nursing #school #student #physicians...