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jordyn Feb 18, 2021 858 views

how do I pick a job?

i'm in highschool and I want a job that I really like but I don't like talking to people. #first-job

Charlene’s Avatar
Charlene Aug 13, 2018 704 views

How do I get into the focus mindset?

I find myself trying to to stay focus but if I do too much I drain myself mentally and if I don't do it enough I find myself getting too distracted. Are they any tips? #Help #Focus #School #ThisIsTooHard

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Aug 30, 2018 722 views

How can i afford my school loans?


Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 22, 2018 576 views

Is it better to have more student loans from an amazing quality college or less student loans from an average college?

I am just wondering which would be smarter? Do I invest my money in a good college or do I try to stay away from debt? ##studentloans

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 17, 2018 625 views

Will I be able to pay off my student loans after graduation and still have money to live on?


Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Apr 05, 2018 749 views

How do you pay off student debt quickly?

I think that this is the question we all are asking. xD #studentdebt #studentloans

Caitlyn’s Avatar
Caitlyn Jan 16, 2018 655 views

What is the benefit of going on to earn a masters degree after undergraduate school?

I know graduate degrees can help with getting hired but I'm wondering if the financial costs are worth it. #studentdebt #mastersdegree

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 18, 2020 985 views

What is your best advice for minimizing student debt going into college?

I am currently a junior in high school. This is around the time when I am doing more research on colleges and solidifying my list for visits in the coming months and applications in senior year. #GivingisCaring #college #university #studentdebt

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 18, 2020 863 views

How many scholarships did you apply for?

Scholarships outside of packages given by the schools whether it be essay, ethnicity, subject/major, or other types of scholarships. #GivingisCaring #scholarships #college #university

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 20, 2020 562 views

One of my concerns is not having my college essays stand out and them being mediocre. Do you have any suggestions or tips?

#college #university #student

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Aug 20, 2020 2317 views

What advice do you have for switching careers/going back to school in late 20s?

I am 25 and have a job at a bank. I have some college credits but no degree. I am financially stable now and losing that to go to school full time is scary, but I am unfulfilled and not doing what I love. I know that I have more potential than where I am now. #careerswitch #backtoschool

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki Aug 20, 2020 553 views

What is a better location to get an internship at? Bigger business or smaller?

I am very interested in going to school to be a Urologist. When applying for an internship, would a bigger or smaller facility give you more on experience.? I feel like a bigger location would be stressful for an intern. On the other hand, I feel like there is more experience. Then I feel at...

Bahara’s Avatar
Bahara Jan 07, 2020 3190 views

I am Majoring in Accounting and I am struggling with my Accounting courses.

I am in my third year of university and I have to decide before it 's too late. I am planning to switch my major in Accounting into minor and major in international business. I need some advise regarding the employment of my chosen minor and major. Moreover, I need guidance if I am making the...

malu’s Avatar
malu May 20, 2020 948 views

when applying for colleges, should I apply to universities even though I'm going to start off with a community college

I want to go to a community #college college first for 2 years but i don't know if i should apply for both community and university