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Zach Nahman

Software Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Arvada, Colorado
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Jalynn Jan 23, 2018 1198 views

What are good study habits you recommend for college students?

I want to try to prepared for fall of this year when i go off to college #college-advice #studying-tips

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 25, 2020 3126 views

Do Most Software Engineers enjoy their job?

#software #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara Mar 27, 2018 1067 views

How can a shy person be successful in college?

I love hanging out with people and participating in activities. However, I feel very uncomfortable when I don't know anyone in the room, so often I stay in and keep to myself. When I'm with a bunch of strangers, I feel like the odd one out and have difficulty getting comfortable enough to...

George’s Avatar
George May 27, 2020 2060 views

What volunteering positions are great in order to become a Software Engineer?

I am a Junior at Aviation High School, the past 2 weeks I spend my time trying to find remote volunteering roles. Some of them included WordPress Mentor, Data Entry and Remote Student Mentor/Tutor. Are they any other volunteering positions that could help land my first job at a tech startup or...

Nana’s Avatar
Nana May 28, 2020 1926 views

If i take AP computer science as a senior would it be a good first step into becoming a software engineer?

I love working with Technologies and fixing them #technology #computer #computer-engineer #computer-engineering #information-technology