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Nadine Prosper

Attends Walden University
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Zephyrus Mar 28, 2023 384 views

What kind of questions do you get asked as a Human resource manager ?

What do people usually need you for, and or what can you do for others?

Zephyrus’s Avatar
Zephyrus Mar 28, 2023 329 views

What kind of situations and or people do you deal with as a Human resource manager ?

Is there anything to look out for?

Megan’s Avatar
Megan May 24, 2016 1205 views

What’s the latest and greatest book you’ve read related to mental health, psychology or psychotherapy?

I am always looking for more educational material to read and learn from. These topics in particular are what I am interested in going into as far as careers go. #psychology #career-advice #mental-health #psychotherapy #books

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 07, 2016 1706 views

How can I maintain a healthy balance between work and free time?

It's possible to be consumed by both workload or by having way too much fun, which understandably affects the opposite. I don't want to lose out on things and activities outside of my school work, but I also don't want to be unproductive. What's a good strategy to make sure I'm productive and...

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Jamal Mar 05, 2012 3618 views

What are the most popular candybars to sell?

I've decided to sell candybars in school and I am wondering which candybars will sell the fastest before I buy them. #business #entrepreneurship #retail

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Aug 03, 2015 3988 views

What careers could could I branch off into if I plan to major in psychology?

I'm asking because I plan on studying psychology and I don't really know what there is in the field besides becoming a therapist and counselor. There's got to be many more careers to branch off into if I study psychology. #psychology #therapy #counseling #mental-health