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Crissy Bogusz

Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics Artist
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Los Angeles, California
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Alliyah’s Avatar
Alliyah May 30, 2020 823 views

Since the acting and film world is so competitive, how do I succeed in getting my name out there and where do I start?

I am an incoming sophomore at Georgia State University. So many people attend this school, so I don't know where to start making connections in order to get into the acting and film industry. #JULY #JULY20 #actress #acting #film #film-acting #college #cinematography #creativity #inspiration...

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jul 20, 2020 612 views

Does it matter if you go to an amazing film school vs a normal film school?

#film-production #school #film #director

Candace’s Avatar
Candace Jun 19, 2020 415 views

What if in the Graphic Designer field you get serious art block? What will happen if that hinders your work flow?

#graphic-design #graphic-design

Anson’s Avatar
Anson Jun 19, 2020 478 views

When you become a graphic designer how many departments can you select from and how many can you work in at once?