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Marc Miller

Strategy Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Huntington Station, New York
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Eldon Aug 16, 2016 825 views

What's the most memorable moment you had as a sports announcer?

I just want to get more insight on the job of a sports announcer. #sports #communications #media #commentator

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Aug 11, 2018 531 views

How can I improve my chances at winning scholarships?

I'm looking to apply for a wide range of scholarships while in my last year of high school. How can I make myself more competitive amongst other submissions? #scholarships #high-school

Dorian’s Avatar
Dorian Oct 16, 2018 631 views

I have a dream job of being the NBA commissioner but I am not sure what I should study in college to help me achieve this goal.

I know this is a goal I will have to work to but I want to know where to start. #NBA

Pogba’s Avatar
Pogba Jul 18, 2020 629 views

is dropshipping the best way of business to profit a lot and how would you go about it and get notice with so many competitors in the field?

I'm about to be a college freshman trying to start earning money while sleeping with a successful business and it's hard for me because I want to step in with the right foot and lessen the chances of failing. #career #business#July

Tara’s Avatar
Tara May 14, 2020 1147 views

What are some good opportunities for people who want to study marketing?

Hi there,
My name is Tara, I'm currently a junior at Prospect High School. I would love to study marketing and potential information systems. Currently, I'm looking for new opportunities and people to meet. #marketing #business #career #college #entrepreneur

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Nov 14, 2019 1621 views

What are good professions within sports?

#athletics #sports #sports-management

Julianne’s Avatar
Julianne Sep 29, 2017 2677 views

What education and experience path leads to consulting?

To #consultants : how did you get to where you are? After you are successful in a field, do you become a consultant to help others? Do you take a second job? #consulting #management-consulting

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Apr 08, 2020 1498 views

Trying to decide on a career as a consultant

I was just wondering what some of you consultants out there did to start your career. I know B-school is a good idea. Trying to figure out what else could help me. #career #consulting #business