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Isa V. May 10, 2016 709 views

How do i go about becoming a fashion designer?

I'm planning on going to college for fashion design but i know that it is a demanding careers so any tips? #art #fashion...


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Shi Ying Quince C. May 19, 2016 575 views

What career choices I have with interior design and Japanese?

I been studying interior design in college but due to some academic issues I have to change to Japanese which I still want to be doing something with design. Is there any career choices that can combine the two together? #interior #japanese #interior-architecture...


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Maggie G. May 19, 2016 817 views

As an interior designer, are the projects that people come to you for more free range or are there more guidelines?

I am going into my junior year as an interior design major. So far our projects have had minor guidelines, but I can pick and design the space how I want. In a real life situation are there more guidelines? Are people more picky, or do they trust your design? #jobs #design #interior-design...

#interior #residential-homes #interior-designer #interior-architecture #commercial

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Felicia C. May 24, 2016 581 views

How much money does a designer make?

I wanna become a designer?...


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Chandni M. May 24, 2016 2377 views
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Darlen A. May 30, 2016 701 views