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Jayden Mar 22, 2022 194 views

what are some things in facilities maintenance that take time getting used too.

I would also like to know some things that will help me in a job after trade

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Lauren May 25, 2016 802 views

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a college?

Choosing a college seems scary to me. I don't want to make a decision and end up going to a school where I don't fit. #students #college-choice

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Christian Jun 02, 2019 727 views

How do companies view military service?

When hiring, do companies view military service as a good or bad thing? If it it a good thing, what branch looks best? Marines, Army, Army National Guard, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard? And does it look better to have been an enlisted or officer? (I'm guessing the best...