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Sonya Sitara

Technical Support Manager at Dell
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
New Delhi, Delhi, India
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Gustavo’s Avatar
Gustavo Sep 06, 2019 585 views

As an educator, does your social life switch in anyway?

My name is Gustavo and I’m a senior at Brennan Highschool, I want to work as a teacher and teach young children or young adults. #teacher #education #educator

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jan 18, 2018 653 views

What will be the impact of what I do in life on other people?

I plan to go to school and major in software engineering. I'd like to create methods for people to use to create news ways to disburse useful information or make improvements to existing ways of using information. I would like to know if the effort I put in will help solve the problems in...

Jakayla’s Avatar
Jakayla Mar 05, 2019 352 views

When becoming a nurse, do you need a lot of community volunteers for future job being a nurse?

#tech #nursing

DeMarcus’s Avatar
DeMarcus Oct 22, 2016 1403 views

Does your overall career choice satisfy your personal goals in life?

Hi my name is DeMarcus and I am a rising college freshman hoping to attend either Old Dominion or Radford University. My pursued major of choice is Information Technology. Reasons for my pursuit is because of my love for computer technology and helping people in the same manner. Technology will...

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Jul 24, 2016 1004 views

What was your most memorable student like?

Simple curiosity. #teaching #professor #teacher-training

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 24, 2016 843 views

Do you have role models?

As you were growing up and starting to transform into who you are today, did you ever look up to anyone on being successful ? #business #rolemodels

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jun 29, 2016 2091 views

As an aspiring leader and entrepreneur, what are three books I must read?

I am 19 years old at university. This summer I've immersed myself in a variety of texts ranging from philosophy to leadership advice. I still am, however, looking for that one book to spark a certain inspiration. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear it. #entrepreneurship...

Shaziya’s Avatar
Shaziya Apr 30, 2016 783 views

What shall I do?

I am good at studies and have scored well in my Class X boards. I am quite interested in Psychology and would like to pursue my career in this field. However, my parents do not approve of me taking up Arts and want me to take up Science. #any

Rishabh’s Avatar
Rishabh Apr 30, 2016 1595 views

What are the best colleges to study law in Delhi?

I want know best Law Colleges in Delhi .. #college #professor #law #educator

Adeeba’s Avatar
Adeeba Apr 30, 2016 1219 views

I would like to take up the Commerce stream in Class 11 but my seniors have told me that it is not a very scoring subject.

I believe I can perform well in the subject as my interest lies in it. Please guide me. #any

Shaziya’s Avatar
Shaziya Apr 30, 2016 6922 views

I am interested in taking up Science without Mathematics in Class XI. However, I have not scored well in my Class X boards.

Does this mean that I am not cut out for the Science stream? #any

dinesh’s Avatar
dinesh Apr 20, 2016 1490 views

what are the basic human rights?

subject doubt #human-rights

Masarath’s Avatar
Masarath Apr 25, 2016 834 views

I want to become a Pilot what should i do after completion of class 10

Because i don't know