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Shahbaz Farooq

Chartered Accountant | Management Consultant
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Anushree’s Avatar
Anushree May 15, 2021 512 views

how many years it take to become a computer engineer ?


Ashish’s Avatar
Ashish May 15, 2021 486 views

What courses can I do after my 10th?

Just wanted to know what courses I can do after the 10th. Also, i was thinking about doing CFA, so which would be the best combination along I can do B. COM

Ige Kinyomi’s Avatar
Ige May 14, 2021 551 views

What career would combine all of these?

I am interested in illustration, character design, and costume design for animation. I am unsure of what I should major in. I enjoy creating may things and am unsure what specific career I should aim for. Any advice is helpful. #disney #animation #design #careers #illustration #cartoon

Haylie’s Avatar
Haylie May 13, 2016 4509 views

I would like to double major in Economics and Political Science and then maybe going towards a law degree, what would be the best way to set up a four year plan to be make double majoring easier or more manageable?

I would really like to go after and tackle a double major but have been put under the impression that if I don't set up a four year plan to allocate time to do so it will become very hard to double major #major #economics #political-science #double-major

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 05, 2021 832 views

What's a good way to balance everything out?

When I have to much things going on at one time, I can't balance everything out. I'm focused on one thing and forgetting about the other. #life #advice