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Mireia R. Sep 30, 2017 2613 views

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. accounting audit auditor auditing accountant consulting tax taxing taxation...


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Jieming C. Mar 15, 2021 389 views

Does the people you deal with hard to deal?

Does the people you deal with in your job hard to deal? audit...


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Andy X. Apr 14, 2021 338 views

It is worth it to pursue a master's degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I am currently about to go to college. I want to know what I can do after my undergraduate degree. college degree...


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Winona C. Nov 02, 2021 147 views

If I were to major in Business management would I be able to get aid with creating my own business?

I recently started my own sticker business, and I heard from a student that they were majoring in business management and starting their own business.. I wanted a little more background information on this subject, and if this field is for me.. business entrepreneur management...

business-management senior college major