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Rawan Harajli

Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
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maxwell Apr 22, 2021 269 views

do I have to get really good grades to get in

my name is max, I don't know what I want to do, but I like to cook #food

Tamikia’s Avatar
Tamikia Jan 16, 2018 573 views

How do you decide what to do with your life after college?

It’s hard for me decide how to narrow my options down to do something beneficial to to my life. #women-in-business #business #career-counseling

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Mar 16, 2021 360 views

How do I know if a baking career is for me?

I like to bake and I do believe what I make taste good yet I feel like I am not good enough to enter this career especially cause I hear if the product doesn’t look good they make employees throw them out.

#career #success #business

lydia’s Avatar
lydia Mar 18, 2021 270 views

What kind of classes did you take to go into business


Joanne’s Avatar
Joanne Apr 14, 2021 339 views

Is it ever too late to decide what career path you'd like to take?

I've always been interested in studying Business but I don't really know what I would follow up with a Business Major. #business

Makaylah’s Avatar
Makaylah Apr 27, 2021 459 views

Do I need to have skills in photography ? or is that not a problem ?

I want to get into photography but I think that I would need skill first before actually getting into it. I need clarification on that so I can see what I have to do.
#highschoolstudent #learning #photography #skills

Scream’s Avatar
Scream Apr 23, 2021 349 views

Should i resign from my fulltime at local company (where i just work for 6 months) to pursue an internship at multinational company (which im not sure that i'll be offered a fulltime job)

Im a fresh gradute with less than 1 year experience (6 months). I've been searching for a job in multinational company but to get a fulltime job is really hard especially during pandemic. So maybe an internship could help me to get one, Should i resign and take the chance of internship ? Im...

Connie’s Avatar
Connie Apr 24, 2021 328 views

What would you advise a Senior who is going to college this year?

Hi! I am a senior high school right now, and I will be going to college in this Fall. Please give me some advices. Thank you so much! #college