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Hilmi Jan 09 2364 views

What career path should I choose ? It's getting really hard to even know what I want.

Hi, I'm someone that is currently 26 years old and in need of assistance about what type of career that i should pursue, I'm good with my adaptability (or you could say a quick learner) and somewhat interested in sci-fi movies (or technology), the thing is it's kind of hard for me to do...

aj’s Avatar
aj Apr 04, 2023 626 views

Why did you decide to enter the computer tech industry?

When did you decide to begin learning about computers and technology? What was the job that began this career path for you? What do you know about music production software?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Jan 30, 2023 1066 views

How was your experience in college as a computer science major?

I will be attending college next year and I am wondering what I should expect.

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas May 10, 2022 575 views

What is the hardest field in engineering and the easiest?

#money #engineering