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Somak Ghosh

Senior Product Manager
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Washington, Washington
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Zobia Jun 15, 2021 731 views

I want to be a lawyer

#lawyer #law #laywer #criminal-justice #attorney

Aniyah’s Avatar
Aniyah Jun 09, 2021 416 views

When you join the FBI does your personal life end, or not secretive anymore?

I'm in the young and want to become an FBI profiler. I have a lot of questions, but for now, this is it. #criminal-justice

Deepabali’s Avatar
Deepabali Jun 15, 2021 768 views

What are the food which good for brain?

#food #communication

Nefertiti’s Avatar
Nefertiti Jun 17, 2021 520 views

how to know if something is really for u?

at first I wanted something in the nurse or surgeon field because that's what I always wanted but I started growing up and every time someone would ask me what I wanted to do once I finish high school I would always be stuck and not know what to say. I feel like I finally figured out what I...

Shiva om kumar’s Avatar
Shiva om kumar Jun 17, 2021 594 views

how i can be aerospace engineer?

which subject i have to focus to be aerospace engineer?