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Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 04, 2022 556 views

How can I prepare myself to become a fashion major?

#college-major #professional #fashion #fashion-design

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Feb 04, 2022 868 views

Any advice for time management and keeping track of assignments?

I'm an 11th grader who's struggling to manage time. #time-management

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Feb 02, 2022 344 views

what the normal pay rate as a welder

#welding #pay-rate

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Feb 03, 2022 3249 views

What jobs do students with a chemistry major generally end up with?

#chemistry #job

Que’s Avatar
Que Feb 02, 2022 590 views

How can I be trained to become movie or tv show director?

I'm interested in producing or #directing.

Que’s Avatar
Que Feb 02, 2022 290 views

What equipment would I use?