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Providence, Rhode Island
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Anudari May 12, 2016 851 views

What camera and lens would be good for blogging?

I'm a complete beginner to photography, but I'm open to learning and improving my skills. I want a camera that can auto focus, make minimum shutter noise, can also be used for taking videos. I don't mind the make of the camera, it can be anything from Canon to Samsung. But, aside from my own...

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Anudari May 12, 2016 706 views

What are some of your favorite stationary and digital items?

I understand this is not career question, but for some people certain items have helped them achieve and become the person they are today. I truly appreciate good quality items, and that is no exception when it comes to stationary. I feel as though good products helps your everyday life; such...

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Anudari May 12, 2016 1031 views

What are some tips on double majoring?

I'm contemplating on double majoring, and I have a general idea on the risks such as the time and energy commitment, as well as costs. However, aside from these basic risks, what are some other things I need to be aware of? If you are double majoring or have double majored, please share your...

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Anudari May 12, 2016 1110 views

What are your favorite blogs, websites and you tube accounts for career related advises?

Do you have a person or a website that you follow in order to better understand the major you're pursuing or the job you want? It can be anything from a film maker to a philosopher. Why did you choose them, and how do they offer good advise? I would like to know, what makes them a good adviser...

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Anudari May 12, 2016 933 views

What are the top 3 mistakes applicants make?

As a student I've send out many applications, whether it was for an internship, job or for enrolling into a school. There have been more times where I got rejected than being accepted. It always made me wonder, 'did the other applicants have better grades or awards?' or 'did I just not fit...