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Ashley Tetiali

ABA therapist
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
New York, New York
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Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Jun 30, 2022 513 views

What ways can I promote my edits/videos on social media?

I sometimes post them on tiktok or Instagram but I get tired and loss motivation to continue. Any one can answer.

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Jul 01, 2022 437 views

I wanna become a successful independent artist and take my family and friends out the hood.

I love all type of music from Hip Hop to R&B Soul and Drill to Trap.

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Jul 02, 2022 560 views

What can I do to decide what I want to be in life

I’m interested in criminal law and justice. I’m considering being a lawyer, some of my favorite classes are humanities, math, and science. I’m also considering being a therapist but I’m not sure. I wonder steps I could take to further conclude my decision on what I want to be in life.

Mrunal’s Avatar
Mrunal Jun 30, 2021 572 views

I am 16 year old and have no idea what to do in college. is choosing psychology a good option?

I love reading books, designing, and helping people. I have a dream of becoming a therapist but my mom is sort of against it. I am super confused as to what to choose so that I'll be happy and can provide income to myself and my family. #psychology #college #career