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New York, New York
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I am someone who wants to get into the advertising/marketing industry. What are some ways I can get started?



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Kiana Jun 02, 2023 356 views

I stopped video editing due to complications, how can I find that passion from editing again ?

I am also considering getting into creative writing because I do want to become a writer, either as a side thing or permanent.

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Kiana Jul 05, 2022 480 views

I'm an editor and I want to share my edits online but sometimes I don't have the motivation or time to do so. What should I do?

How to keep myself motivated?

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Kiana Jun 30, 2022 530 views

What ways can I promote my edits/videos on social media?

I sometimes post them on tiktok or Instagram but I get tired and loss motivation to continue. Any one can answer.