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David Trejo

Test Engineer Intern
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Chihuahua, Mexico
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Leviticus’s Avatar
Leviticus Jun 03, 2022 869 views

what is the best way to network with people in the industry

i don't really try to keep up with people that much. Most times I'm too caught up in my work.

SURYA’s Avatar
SURYA May 07, 2020 1502 views

how to know choose a career

I am undecided highschooler , interested in technology and computerscience but wouldlike to use them as tools... #technology #stem #stem #professional #it #engineer

André’s Avatar
André Jan 11, 2022 803 views

Where do I start with getting into the IT career path?

#it specialists

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 22, 2022 1020 views

How can I increase my connections in IT?

I'd like to increase my connections in IT to learn more about other people's experiences and have someone to go to in the future in case I need any advice or help.

Leviticus’s Avatar
Leviticus May 26, 2022 662 views

One career goal of mine is to work for a famous tech company like apple or samsung.

I think I could reach this goal within the next few years.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 594 views

What career opportunities exit for someone who only has a bachelor's in math?

My (tentative) plan is to earn my bachelor's and then earn my masters. However, I might want/need to take a break before going back to school.