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Jane’s Avatar
Jane Jul 01, 2020 749 views

What are good colleges that could have good programs for CS and Cog Sci?

I'm a rising senior considering double-majoring.
#college #computer-science #college-advice #college-admissions #cogsci #cognitive #psychology #cs

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jun 14 280 views

CS intro class

I thank all the people who have given me the advice I can use. Would it be recommended to take an intro to the computer science class to see if I would like to major in Computer Science?

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jul 10, 2018 654 views

What tips do you have to increase productivity in the morning?

For those of us that aren't morning people, are there any tips or recommended habits that you may have to be as productive as possible for morning classes, assignments, and work? #productivity #habits #earlymornings

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Dec 21, 2020 473 views

Employment in College

What are good jobs to work at while being a student at college? Also, when do you recommend a student to begin working while studying?

#student-employment #international-student

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01 211 views

Is it advisable to take dual enrollment while I enter the senior year of high school?

My school doesn't offer many AP classes, and I'm trying to challenge myself academically. Is it advisable for me to take community college classes during my senior year, and how will it affect my college applications?