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Madison Jan 24 53 views

What goes on daily as a medical assitant?

I understand being in the medical field that you certainly won't have to wait long until you are on your feet, but how busy is it in your typical workday?

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Madison Jan 24 24 views

What do employers look for when hiring for medical assitants?

What do employers desire out of potential employees for medical assistance? What draws you in?

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Madison Jan 24 32 views

What are the challenges in Medical assisting?

As someone interested in medical assisting as a potential career, what are some challenges you face on a daily basis? How do you cope with said challenges?

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Madison Jan 24 49 views

What is the daily life in Psychology?

What is the day of a psychiatrist like?

Hello, I'm interested in Psychology as learning about the human mind is interesting, what is daily life in that occupation like?